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Kritou Tera WaterFalls "Kremmiotis"

The waterfall

The car route is about 14 km from Lysos.

The waterfall is located on the east side of the village of Kritos Terra. There are signs that guide, but do not hesitate to ask villagers who are always willing to guide and even accompany you on the path. Take towels and waterproof cases for mobile phones and cameras with you, as the only sure thing is that you will get wet.

The History

A resident of the village, Savvas Michael, owner of a pergola in the area, around 1930 wanted to use the water from one of the mills to irrigate his pergolas and so he carved the rock - which today is the cave that leads to the idyllic landscape. The hole, as Mr. Charalambous explains, was originally much larger,

However, in recent decades, due to the fact that no one went to the area, except for a few hunters, it began to close, creating stalactites and stalagmites, to the point where one has to make a special effort to cross. This difficulty, of course, increases interest, as the one who manages to pass the small tunnel faces - while being bathed by the waterfall - a literally paradise landscape. Such that anyone who sees it in a photo considers that it has either been processed or is from another country. Yet. A visit will convince you!